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"The Tiger Tunnel" - Rounded Cat Passage / Door

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Don't want to leave the door open to your laundry room, bathroom, or any other place, especially when the litter box is behind that door?

Get the "Tiger Tunnel": Stylish, durable, elegant and available in two different sizes for any type of cat. 

Easy to install with all hardware and the cutting template included. Fits any regular door.

  • Material: ABS plastic.
  • Measurements (Regular, no brushes): H 22.5 cm (with ears), W 27 cm (bottom) / 17.5 cm (opening), D 5.5 cm.
  • Measurements (XL with brushes): H 27 cm (with ears), 32 cm (bottom) / 20 cm (opening), D 5.5 cm.
  • Color: White.