• Are you well stocked in regards to your merchandise?

Not always! Some items are quite unique with only a few in stock or a limited quantity order option from our vendors. If you see something you really like, better order it right away or send us an email for more information.

  • Do you have a "brick and mortar" location?
Yes, our seasonal retail store (open until Labor Day - Sep 05) is located at 9417 Highway 215 in Walton, only 35 minutes from Windsor or approx. 70 minutes from Halifax. You won't miss our "tiger orange" sign on the road...
  • Are you involved in fundraising?

We're a proud business sponsor of "Spay Day House" (part of the Spay Day HRM program) and are planning also to do fundraisers in the future.

  • Do you offer free shipping or delivery?

Due to the steadily increasing shipping costs we only offer free shipping for orders over $100/$130 (merchandise only, before taxes and fees, depending on your province). Unfortunately we don't offer delivery at the moment.

  • Can I pick up my items somewhere else?

Yes, you can pick up your online order in Dartmouth Crossing at "One Of A Kind Furniture", 173 Hector Gate, Dartmouth, NS (during regular business hours).

  • Do you also have cats?

Sadly, no! We had 3 cats since 2008 (Tommy, Jerry and Roxy) but all 3 passed away quite early. So, we decided to take a break for now. But not forever...

  • Can you order something on special request?

We always on the hunt for new and unique products and yes, if you would like something special or want to make a suggestion - feel free to send us an email. No guarantee - but we try our best to find it!

  • Do you sell on Amazon, Etsy or Ebay?

No, we definitely don't. We're not selling products on Amazon or similar pages. Tiny Tiger is a local, family owned shop, so you always buy from a small business!