• Are you well stocked in regards to your merchandise?

Not always! Some items are quite unique with only a few in stock or a limited quantity order option from our vendors. If you see something you really like, better order it right away or send us an email for more information.

  • Do you have a retail location?
Yes and no - we have a showroom at 107-1 Bow Ridge Rd. in Cochrane, where you can pick up your order and browse our products.
  • Are you involved in fundraising?

We're are planning to do fundraisers in the future.

  • Do you offer free shipping or delivery?

Due to the steadily increasing shipping costs we only offer free shipping for orders over $100/$130 (merchandise only, before taxes and fees, depending on your province). Delivery within Cochrane is free, for Calgary and surroundings we have a flat delivery fee of $7.

  • Do you also have cats?

Sadly, not right now! We had 3 cats since 2008 (Tommy, Jerry and Roxy) but all 3 passed away quite early. So, we decided to take a break for now. But there might be something happening soon...

  • Can you order something on special request?

We always on the hunt for new and unique products and yes, if you would like something special or want to make a suggestion - feel free to send us an email. No guarantee - but we try our best to find it!

  • Do you sell on Amazon, Etsy or Ebay?

No, we definitely don't. We're not selling products on Amazon or similar pages. Tiny Tiger is a local, family owned shop, so you always buy from a small business!