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Puzzles - 300/500 Pieces

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How about some relaxation and creating a beautiful piece of art at the same time? Why not get one of our cat-themed puzzles?

The Caturday Afternoon 500 Piece Family Puzzle features feline friends who have made themselves quite cozy in a colorful living room scene! In every inch of this puzzle, there are tons of quirky details to discover. Perfect for families who love cats and spending time together. Box: 8 x 8 x 2, 20 x 20 x 5 cm. Puzzle: 20 x 20", 51 x 51 cm.

The Cat Zodiac 500 Piece Puzzle features the 12 signs of the zodiac "impurrsonated" by illustrated feline friends. Galison puzzles are packaged in matte-finish sturdy boxes, perfect for gifting, reuse, and storage. Size: 20 x 20" / 51 x 51 cm.

Piece together the Music Cats 500 Piece Family Puzzle to reveal feline portraits inspired by the world's greatest musical meowsters! This amusing illustration is a great family activity for adults and children to enjoy together. Puzzle pieces come packaged in a sturdy and easy-to-wrap box, perfect for gifting, reuse, and storage. Size: 20 x 20" / 51 x 51 cm.

Put together this 500-piece puzzle "Cat Cafe" to reveal an array of cats, an eye-catching and iconic design by Kat Uno. A great family activity for adults and children to enjoy together. Package: 8 x 8 x 2", 20 x 20 x 5cm. Complete puzzle: 20 x 20", 51 x 51cm. Ages 8-99. The puzzle greyboard contains 90% recycled paper. Packaging contains 70% recycled paper. Printed with nontoxic inks.

The Bookish Cats 500 Piece Family Puzzle will be fun for the entire family! This 500-piece puzzle features will enjoy working this puzzle that features 9 famous writers as adorable cat portraits including Romeow & Juliet by William Shakespurr, The Great Catsby by F. Scott Fitzhairball, Purride & Prejudice by Jane Pawsten and more! 

299 Cats and a Dog: Have you got what it takes to assemble all 299 cats into a perfect puzzle? In this cunning cluster puzzle, there are no regular jigsaw shapes: each piece takes the outline of the cat itself. And there are 299 of them! Plus a dog. See if you can find it! Size: 10.5 x 10.5"/ 26.7 x 26.7 cm.