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"Flower Cats" - Gift Set

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You found an awesome gift set for the coffee (or tea) and cat lover!

The "purr-fect" way to enjoy your morning coffee or tea is with this cheerful "Flower Cats" Mug. Crafted out of ceramic, this tall white mug features a colorful, graphic array of kitties and flowers to brighten any blend of tea or brew of coffee you choose to fill it with.

Looking for the "purr-fect" storage container? Look no further than this delightful "Flower Cats" Canister. Crafted out of ceramic with a silicone-seal bamboo lid, this white circular Canister features a colorful array of kitties and flowers to brighten any kitchen while keeping coffee or tea (or anything else) safely stored.

Mug: Ceramic, 4.75" H, 14 oz, dishwasher/microwave safe.

Container: Ceramic/bamboo, 7" H, handwash recommended.